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Art Dubai Digital 2024, Expansion / Diffusion, Announces Line-Up

Art Dubai Digital 2024 explores new themes, modes, trends, and ecosystems based on future conceptions of art, communication, and technology.

Image Credit: Dastan x booth at Art Dubai / Marjan Farjam

Art Dubai, the international art fair based in the UAE, announced the list of participating exhibitors for its 2024 edition this past Thursday. The fair will take place at Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai from 1 to 3 March, with previews on 28 February and 29 February.

As one of four distinct gallery sections in the 17th edition of Art Dubai, including Contemporary, Art Dubai Modern, and Bawwaba (meaning Gateway in Arabic), Art Dubai Digital is the only dedicated digital section of any major international art fair.  This year's fair will feature over 100 exhibitors across the four gallery sections.

The fair's theme for the latest edition is centered around expanding definitions of the 'Global South' that move beyond conventional geographic and economic confines, unpacking latent threads embedded in shared histories while celebrating and examining the diversity of communities in cities such as Bogota, Cairo, Delhi, Guatemala City, and Tehran, alongside diasporic communities in cities such as London, Paris, and New York. 

Launched in 2022, Art Dubai Digital presents a comprehensive overview of contemporary digital art, highlighting the myriad ways in which artists are utilizing new immersive technologies to unpack new forms of creative practice, break down traditional disciplinary silos, and explore new modes of meaning-making. Art Dubai Digital 2024 showcases galleries with innovative new media programs, digital platforms building virtual art spaces, as well as artist collectives and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) pushing new models for artistic production and support.

The 2024 edition of Art Dubai Digital, titled Expansion / Diffusion is curated by Alfredo Cramerotti and Auronda Scalera. Drawing inspiration from astronomer Edwin Hubble's discovery of the expanding universe nearly a century ago, the curators zoom in on novel artistic practices worldwide, spanning geographies, time zones, and formats.

Based on their demarcation of ‘the field of art and advanced technologies’ (AxAT): technical innovation through the lens of contemporary art, and vice versa, the curators have selected 20+ presentations addressing an expanded vision of artistic expression in the field of contemporary art. 

The diverse range of media on display includes artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), digital video, extended reality (XR), generative art, immersive art experiences, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), robotic art, and virtual reality (VR). Themes explored by the artists and collectives include the intersection of technology and spirituality, digital approaches to heritage preservation, and the empowerment of women artists.

Participating artists and collectives, exploring themes of the intersection of technology and spirituality, digital approaches to heritage preservation, and the empowerment of women artists, include 1 Of 1, Zug 37X, Dubai Art In Space, Dubai bitforms, New York Cinello, Florence GAZELL.iO, London / Baku Hofa Gallery, London / Los Angeles / Mykonos Holy Club Digital Art Gallery, Monza e Brianza Immaterika, Milan Koshta.Collective, Metaverse LOOTY, Dubai MORROW collective, Dubai Morrow x Nifty Gateway, Dubai / New York Nineteensixtyeight, London Gallery Now, Seoul Sanji Gallery, Seoul, Tabari Artspace, Dubai TAEX, London, TON Diamonds, Lisbon Unit London, London