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Heart Space by Krista Kim, Art Dubai, 2024

Heart Space is the newest commission by Julius Baer’s part of the NEXT Initiative.

Krista Kim, a Canadian-Korean artist, presents the immersive installation 'Heart Space' مساحة القلب, inviting guests to engage in a deep connection with one another through the human heartbeat. The installation aims to spark discussions on topics such as longevity, wellness, and the potential of blockchain technology. 'Heart Space' is commissioned as part of the Julius Baer NEXT initiative, which explores emergent trends in the arts, science, and technology.

Visitors are able to input their heartbeat into sensors embedded in the installation, which will then be translated by bespoke software in real time. The rhythm of their heartbeat will be displayed through patterns and shapes across an LED screen and reflected by mirrored walls in the space. The visual aesthetics will shift based on the visitor’s unique rhythm.

According to Kim, “As individuals participate, I hope each participant feels inspired by their singular beauty yet leaves appreciating a greater whole. If just one person grasps our shared social fabric’s sanctity after engaging with this work, I’ll consider it a success. My deepest wish is that from the micro – encoding each distinctive rhythm – to the macro tapestry those strands weave by exhibit’s close, visitors rediscover how alike our heartbeats sound when truly heard.” 

Kim’s practice, exploring concepts around digital consciousness, is grounded in what she defines as Technism - “A philosophy that recognizes technological innovation as an artistic discipline, encouraging artists to promote digital humanism for our digital culture.”

The installation will be featured in the Julius Baer Lounge at Art Dubai 2024, March 1-3.